Olivier Garnier Decorative Finishes is a San Francisco based decorative finishes studio.

Olivier started his career at early age in France, and  comes from a family with many generations of artisans who produce and install decorative finishes in Europe. He began his training at the Van der Kellen Institute for painting in Brussels and at Frederic Mistral in Montpellier, France. He honed his decorative plastering skills under an apprenticeship with Vincent Cerezo, working through some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful residences. He moved to the United States after completing his military obligations in France. Olivier is exceptionally talented with finishes, and worked with a long and impressive list of clients around the globe. 

Olivier developed and formulated his own lime-based paint and plaster finishes. Olivier and his crew take pride in giving his clients great customer service and quality craftsmanship. Although Olivier’s client list is long and impressive, he remains dedicated to perfecting each job personally. He truly enjoys his trade and collaborating with interior designers, architects and clients, creating one of a kind exquisite finishes. 


Olivier Garnier Decorative Finishes is an owner operated company that is licensed, bonded, and insured.